CafePress Cause Outrage After Selling 'Abhorrent' And Sexually Explicit Baby Gros

Who The Hell Puts 'No Gag Reflex' On A Baby Gro?
Cafe Press

Online retailer, CafePress has again come under fire for selling sexually explicit baby gros as well as clothing for toddlers and baby accessories including bibs and blankets.

Sporting slogans such as 'I enjoy sexual intercourse with your mother' and 'I don't have a bucket list but my fucket list is a mile long', the childrenswear range has caused understandable outrage.

The collection was first spotted by women's rights group 'Collective Shout'.

Caitlin Roper, who is a member of the group, tweeted her disgust at the sexualised baby clothing from the range named 'Adult sex XXX porn'.

'No gag reflex' on a baby gro? We don't even know what to say, aside from how wrong it is on so many levels.

According to their site, CafePress is the place "where the world turns for unique products that express what people love most".

Well, we certainly don't love sexualised clothing.

The story also begs the question of how anything like this ever came to be made? And secondly, who would allow it to be stocked?

To add insult to injury, the retailer are also stocking pro-rape slogan t-shirts for adults...

Caitlin Roper, campaigns manager for Collective Shout who campaign against the objectification of women and the sexualisation of girls, tells HuffPost Lifestyle that it's not the first time that the company has been flagged up for selling sexualised clothing.

"CafePress have a long history of selling similar pornified items," she says.

Back in 2004, US based activist One Angry Girl received an email response from CafePress defending their sale of 'donkey punch' themed merchandise.

CafePress responded with the following email, stating that "'if you want to stop other people expressing views that you find offensive, CafePress is not the venue to use".

"But the issue goes further than baby clothing," says Roper.

"I hope most people can agree it is abhorrent to put incest and slut-themed sexualised slogans and imagery on baby clothes and this has of course attracted a lot of negative attention."

"However, I'm not incredibly heartened when the same porn-inspired and pro-rape slogans are featured on clothing for adults."

She adds that slogans such as "No means yes, yes means anal" are "extremely hostile and threatening to women" and "contribute to a culture where violence against women thrives".

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