Dyed Armpit Hair Is Now A Thing On Tumblr, And Is Also, Ahem, The Pits

We've Moved Way Past The Hairy Pits Debate

Forget #pinkhairdontcare, there's a new trend knocking around that's sent Tumblr into tumult.

Instead of focusing on the colour of the hair on their bonce, these women have taken a more creative approach to rainbow hair by...

Dying their pits.

Who knew it could look so artistic?

From purple and pink pits to, our personal favourite, a matching turquoise hair and armpit combo (above). It's safe to say that these ladies have no qualms about growing and showing, with a dash of colour thrown in for good measure.

And credit where credit's due. This kind of growth must take some devotion!

But why would someone want to do this?

Women have been struggling with the whole 'to shave or not to shave' armpit debate for donkeys. Sadly, when Julia Roberts braved the media world and stepped out with her armpit hair on show, the world gasped (and not in a good way).

Since then armpit hair has taken a backseat. But the world of women with hairy pits is once again stirring in the depths of the internet - and on Tumblr.

These ladies see their colourful pits as a way of reclaiming their bodies from media perceptions. And most importantly, having fun in the process.

Here's how other people have reacted to the trend...

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