Insane Levels Of Static Detected Outside Google's London HQ

There Is Mysterious Wall Of Static Surrounding Google's London HQ

A video has appeared showing that Google's London HQ has a mysterious 'wall' of static electricity outside, which a YouTube clip suggests causaed a bystander's hair to raise.

The video shows Simon Legrand and his friend standing outside the building near St Giles, and then heading back to the spot where they can feel the 'beam' of static.

According to the MailOnline the two men were walking down the road when they suddenly felt a strong electric field.

The complex where the issue was reported is home to Google and several other companies.

Sure enough when one of them enters that spot his hair starts to rise and you can hear the crack of static electricity through the phone.

According to Legrand his friend actually received a fairly large electric shock through the phone as they heard the crack.

The plot thickens however as both Mr Legrand and his friend went back to see if they could replicate the effects during daylight and found that the exact spot was now a hive of activity courtesy of the UK Power Network.

These two gentleman are not the first people to discover the 'beam' outside Google's HQ, in fact the Mail reports that reddit user master_poop discovered the mysterious field some time ago.

Since walking through it the Reddit user had reportedly claimed to suffer from headaches and nosebleeds.

Google hasn't yet commented on the strange phenomenon that appears to be taking place outside its offices. Though the appearance of UK Power engineers suggests this is something explicable within the human realm of infrastructure, rather than, you know, Google Ghosts.

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