Kate Silverton On Juggling A Career And Being An Older Mum: 'I'm Not Sure We Got It Right'


Kate Silverton has called for a debate about how society treats working mothers 'as otherwise we will be encouraging lots of older mums'.

The BBC newsreader, who has been off screen for five months since the birth of her son Wilbur, told the Evening Standard: "In my thirties I was able to establish my career so now I am able to step back and fit work around my children.

"I know not everyone has that luxury - in the future we might look back on that and think it was terribly sad, I'm not sure we got it right."

Kate, 44, added: "A lot of women I know are having huge difficulty trying to conceive and many are losing out by virtue of the fact that they can't see beyond their career, yet when they do come to a point where they are ready to start a family it is potentially too late."

She believes bringing children to work could allow women to juggle motherhood and their career.

And she revealed how she presented an awards ceremony with her baby daughter Clemency – now three – in her arms.

The mum was preparing to give a serious speech about conservation at the Royal Geographical Society when her husband called at the last minute and said he couldn't make it home to look after Clemency.

Kate said: "I just had to take Clemency with me."

And in the end, Clemency upstaged her mother.

Kate revealed: "Getting on stage with her on my hip at this esteemed place there was a collective 'what is she doing bringing a baby here?' I was going nine to the dozen hoping she wouldn't cry. Then she waved and I saw a sea of hands waving back."

She said: "I probably create a load of havoc in my wake bringing my children to work but if you are calm the baby is calm - it can be done. It challenges this perception that children should not be seen."

She added that mortgage holidays might be a way to help mothers build a career and a family at the same time.

Kate, who didn't think she'd be able to have children, had an emergency operation to remove an ovary when an ovarian cyst burst while she was covering the 1999 Labour Party conference.

For two years she tried IVF, before falling pregnant naturally with both Clemency and Wilbur.

Kate works as a freelance, and said the pressures of motherhood meant she had 'no idea' when she might return to the BBC, saying 'the children are my priority'.

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