Kim Kardashian Lands Three Covers For Elle Magazine

Kim Kardashian proves that you can have your cake and eat it (literally) on the cover of Elle's Confidence issue.

Elle/Jean Baptiste Mondino

The reality TV star has shot not one, but three, covers for the new issue, which focuses on self belief.

One shot sees her posing in a fringed stripy crop top and teeny satin hot pants looking ready to dive into a cupcake, with icing on her finger. And, yes, she looks amazing.

Another pic shows Kim looking a little more edgy businesslike, donning a black bandage skirt, white bodysuit and leather jacket with her hair in a chic updo.

Elle/Jean Baptiste Mondino

Last, and by no means, least, we see Kim wearing a sexy white shirt over the aforementioned hot pants, with a funky wide waist belt over the top.

Her hair is down and flowing, and make up is beautiful and bronzed, with a nude lip.

Elle/Jean Baptiste Mondino

Explaining why Kim was the perfect cover star for the Confidence Issue, Elle says: "In an issue dedicated to self-belief, Kim is a poster-girl for what can be achieved when you have it: She has built a staggeringly influential business empire; she makes £2,000 an hour; she gets 20 new social media followers a minute; her new app made £27m in the first three months.

"She has also, through her unerring self-belief, redefined our perception of body beautiful."

The magazine adds that Kim was not born confident, but rather has "had to work hard to achieve self-esteem, and the resilience to face her critics".

In the accompanying issue, Kim talks about her dad and how he shaped who she is today; she opens up about hubby Kanye, as well as the rising star of her half-sister Kendall.

Kim is wearing a mix of designers including Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Balenciaga in the shoot, which was snapped by celebrated photographer Jean Baptiste Mondino. Hot.

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