How To Pick The Right Streaming Music Service For You

Spotify ISN'T Your Only Option For Streaming Music

To those already addicted to music streaming services, it's hard to imagine ever going back.

Even for hardcore music lovers, whose collections are carefully stored in non-compressed digital formats on back-up drives with their own back-up drives, music streaming services have become the norm for day-to-day listening.

The problem is that they're just too useful by half. You know that phrase: 'I've forgotten more than I'll ever know'? Well, the same goes for music. Sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing - and you end up listening to the same old songs over and over.

By contrast, the right streaming service will help you find music you love, that you've forgotten you love and that you would have never discovered otherwise. It will present you with user-curated lists of great tunes pulled together by people who still have time to do that sort of thing. Plus, they'll let you discover what your friends are listening to, via social media, without the indignity of having to ask.

It's a great time to join in the fun, as new services are popping up all the time. But when you make you choice, you need to think what it is that you want out of your music service. Perhaps you want the equivalent of an iPod shuffle that knows your music tastes inside out, and keeps you on a happy loop for the rest of time? Or maybe you want to have immediate access to a broad range of songs, without worrying about whether you own them or not?

Whatever the reason, there are plenty to choose from.

Follow our guide to finding the right music streaming service for you.


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