26/11/2014 10:54 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Tamara Ecclestone Poses For Intimate Breastfeeding Photo

Tyler Shields

Tamara Ecclestone has never been the shy, retiring type (diamond-encrusted pram, anyone?) but the new mum has outdone herself with this new family photo shoot.

In the new series of photos, Tamara lets the camera capture an average family breakfast at home with eight-month-old daughter Sophia and husband Jay Rutland, who owns a 'training consultancy firm'. Tamara is the youngest daughter of Formula One founder and billionaire Bernie Ecclestone.

But if you're expecting the photos to be reminiscent of your average 7.45am scene – Lego in the Cornflakes, cat attempting to climb in the bread bin and cereal hardening on the kitchen floor – think again my friends.

This is family breakfast time, Ecclestone style.

Tyler Shields

The photos, which show Tamara breastfeeding Sophia and pushing her favourite set of wheels on the driveway of her immaculate London pad, were taken by photographer Tyler Shields as part of an exhibition show at the Imitate Modern Gallery, entitled Provocateur.

Speaking about the decadent shoot, Tamara said: "I wanted to do this with Tyler because he is someone I trust to capture such an intimate moment in such a beautiful way.

"Motherhood has empowered me, it has changed me as a person for the better. I love my family and my daughter."

The breastfeeding photo has, of course, caused a bit of stir. Tyler has received thousands of emails about the snap, which shows Sophia happily enjoying breakfast with her mum. Some comments have been positive, and, naturally, some not so much.

Tyler Shields

But, as Tyler explains, the shoot is one of his favourites: "This was a very interesting moment for me as we were in this magical room in this beautiful palace of a house, with the remnants of breakfast and newspapers, but there was a decadence to it all.

"For a split second, my human instinct kicked in and I felt it was polite to look away from Tamara because when you see something so intimate in public you look away – it's the right thing to do.

"But then I remembered I was not meant to look away - this is the one time I am supposed to look directly at breastfeeding and run towards it."

Tyler's work can be viewed at and you can follow him on Instagram @thetylershields.

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