26/11/2014 07:41 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Tamara Ecclestone Poses With Daughter Sophia Inside £70 Million London Home

Tamara Ecclestone has posed for intimate pictures of her breastfeeding at home for renowned photographer Tyler Shields.

The Formula One heiress can be seen sitting at the breakfast table in her £70 million West London home, showing off her tan lines as she breastfeeds her eight-month-old daughter Sophia.

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Tyler Shields

She looks ultra-glam in a black slip dress, with bold, vampy make up and curled hair. Her husband Jay Rutland can be seen suited and booted in the background as he reads the morning papers.

Other pictures in the shoot include some outside shots of the house, with Tamara dressed up in a tight red dress.

Tyler Shields

The pair even climb up onto the porch roof and kiss as the bright pink pram sits below them.

Tyler Shields

The shoot also included some cute close-up family shots, where little Sophia looks undeniably adorable.

Tyler Shields

Tyler shot the pics while he was in town for his gallery show at the Imitate Modern gallery for his series Provocateur.

Tamara said of the shoot, "I wanted to do this with Tyler because he is someone I trust to capture such an intimate moment in such a beautiful way.

"Motherhood has empowered me, it has changed me as a person for the better. I love my family and my daughter."

Tamara Ecclestone Welcomes Baby Sophia

Tyler said, "This was a very interesting moment for me as we sat in this magical room in this beautiful palace of a house, the remnants of breakfast, the newspapers, the decadence of it all."

He added, "Tamara, I have to say, is impressive not only in her fearlessness but in her love for art - collecting it and buying it. This was my first time in her new house and it was incredible to see some of my prints around her house, some of the work we have done together, which looks incredible on these huge walls. Hopefully some of these will make it onto the walls as the breastfeeding is one of my new favourites and Tamara has told me it's her favourite, too."

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