GoPro Could Finally Launch Its Own Drone

GoPro has moved far beyond being simply an action camera company, it's now a word used to describe a phenomenon and unsurprisingly, GoPro is looking capitalise on this.

With a large percentage of their cameras now being strapped to drones, the Wall Street Journal has heard that the company will soon be ready to unveil its own range of GoPro drones with the company's camera technology built-in.

The multi-rotor aircraft would range from around £500-£1,500 and would ship by the end of next year. In case you're wondering whether the company is being late to the market then think about it this way: either way there'll still be a drone with a GoPro on it.

With company's like DJI catering to the semi-professionals and sports fans GoPro could well be looking to take the segment underneath by offering drones for the casual enthusiast, putting it right in the sights of Parrot.