This Tech Startup Is Literally Giving Away Free Cash In A Vending Machine

Clinkle is a startup that feels the best way to get people on board with its idea is through the simplest means: give away free cash.

If, for example, you happened to be passing through the University of California, Berkley earlier this month then you would have found a vending machine filled with the stuff, all in aid of Clinkle.

So why were Clinkle giving away free cash in a vending machine? Well it's in aid of the startup's own unique feature which is that the more you use its app-connected card to buy things, the more 'treats' you earn for your friends.

You then send these treats giving them discounts or -- if they're really lucky -- a full refund on their last purchase with Clinkle.

It's an interesting variation on the top up payment card but it's one that intrinsically relies on people being nice to each other (you'll only be able to send 'treats' not spend them yourself).

Hence the vending Well it's a 'treats' vending machine, so it's putting across the idea that if you use it, you'll get $20 as a treat.

We'll be honest it's a loose thread but when you see a vending machine full of free money it's tough to fight your inner capitalistic tendencies, especially when you're a poor student: