Parents Find Teenagers More Stressful Than Newborns

Taking a newborn home for the first time can be a daunting experience, but for many parents the worry and nerves of the first few weeks pale in comparison to the stress of looking after a teenager.

As teenagers debate university degree options ahead of the UCAS application deadline on January 15, a new survey reveals that parents are becoming increasingly anxious about their teen's future and whether they are making the right decisions.

The research from National Citizen Service (NCS) found that 60 admitting to regretting decisions made in their teenage years. Many felt they could be wealthier and happier if they had made different choices as a teenager - such as spending more time considering their future (35).

However, it seems parents may be causing themselves unnecessary worry as the survey also found that 70 regret not investing time in considering their future

26 regret not going to university

16 regret being frivolous with their money

14 regret focusing too much time on boyfriends/girlfriends

12 regret drinking too much