01/12/2014 09:11 GMT | Updated 01/12/2014 09:59 GMT

Stereo Kicks Could Have Survived 'X Factor' Sing-Off If Louis Walsh Hadn't Changed Their Routine, Says Choreographer Brian Friedman

X Factor’ choreographer Brian Friedman has suggested that Louis Walsh has no one to blame but himself for Stereo Kicks’s departure from the show over the weekend.


Louis lost his one remaining act when Stereo Kicks lost out in the sing-off with Lauren Platt, which Brian reckons may have been his own fault, because he changed the choreography to one of their performances at the last minute.

Speaking on Sunday night’s ‘Xtra Factor’, Brian said: “Maybe Louis shouldn't have cut the dancers last night and then maybe the boys would have had some fun on stage.”

Stereo Kicks' James, and an 'X Factor' dancer

The original choreography would have seen the five million eight members of Stereo Kicks cosying up to some female dancers, but Louis decided to cut them at the last minute, and have the boys singing while standing still instead.

Brian added: “It was just one of those changes that you find out about before the show - Louis didn't want the dancers anymore.

Yes, that is 14-year-old Charlie

“You would have seen the boys having fun. They each had a girl to interact with on stage and when the girls went away, it just sort of sucked the life out of 'Just The Way You Are', I think.”

However, after seeing performances of the boys rehearsing with their female dancers, we’re not sure we feel the same way as Brian.


While we do agree that their Bruno Mars cover did fall a little flat, we’re not sure the way forward would be seeing Barclay burying his face in a dancer’s neck, while Reece Bibby slobbers all over another.

Lauren, who survived the sing-off, will compete in next weekend’s semi-finals alongside Andrea Faustini, Ben Haenow and Fleur East.

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