'I'm A Celebrity': Melanie Sykes Drinks A Bull Penis 'Jaeger-Vom', And Carl Fogarty Downs A Glass Of Deer Blood For Bushtucker Trial (PICS)

The ‘I’m A Celebrity’ campmates had us gagging on Monday night, when they took part in a group Bushtucker Trial that saw them guzzling down a string of hideous concoctions.


The Wombat tribe - made up of Jimmy Bullard, Melanie Sykes, Tinchy Stryder and Carl Fogarty - all took part in the Vile Vineyard challenge, a drinking game with a disgusting twist.

Rather than necking shots of vodka and tequila slammers, the celebrity contestants were forced to down grisly drinks, including blended animal genitals, which are surprisingly absent from the Yates's Christmas menu.

Carl Fogarty steps up to the plate. Well, the wine glass

Foggy was the first of the group to step up, downing a wine glass full of deer blood, which, according to him, “tastes like Quavers”.

After that, Mel was given a ‘Jaeger-Vom’, otherwise known as a blended bulls penis, dropped into blended bulls testicles. We take our hat off to her, though, she managed to get the disgusting drink down, presumably by imagining it was a cool pint of Boddingtons.

Melanie Sykes

Other drinks given to the celebs included “Eye-sling”, made of blended sheep eyes, a “White Zinfand-Hell”, otherwise known as blended sheep testicles, and a tall glass of “Poo-secco”, which turned out to be a blended pig anus.

Jimmy Bullard does not appear to be enjoying his beverage

Jimmy appeared to take the challenge the hardest, which makes it even more unfortunate that later in Monday night’s episode he became the first celebrity to be voted out of camp.

Although he had been the favourite to win the series at one point, Jimmy’s popularity suffered after some viewers accused him of “bullying” Jake Quickenden, branding him a “lanky piece of s***” during a row.

Paul Burrell

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