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My Apartment: Kylie Griffiths

When Kylie Griffiths isn't working as the fashion editor for Vice magazine or styling bands from Lower Than Atlantis to Roots Manuva, she runs her own online vintage store, Blackheart Vintage. We went to rummage through her Walthamstow home to pick up some tips on her interior decoration and find out where she finds her 1990s bargains.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

How would you describe your interior style?
I suppose my approach to my home is quite similar to my styling, which is a bit mish-mash! My interior style isn't really thought out – I just find things that I like and bring them back home with me. I hate the thought of looking through a catalogue and creating a show home based on that. Because we rent, we aren't allowed to paint, so it's a little different to what I would maybe do if I bought somewhere – I'd love a big, open-plan warehouse with tons of daylight.

What's your biggest luxury at home?
The open fire! I'm obsessed with using it – I lit it the other day because I thought it'd be cosy but it wasn't actually very cold, so I had to sit here watching the telly and boiling, feeling a bit sick. And I love my Nutribullet! Although it's taken me a month to make something I actually want to drink. Brocolli, spinach and kale are not a delicious combination.

Where are your favourite places to shop for your home?
Essex jumble sales. I go to so many different car boot sales, markets and charity shops when I'm travelling for work so that I can find good stuff for the vintage store, and then I pick stuff up at all those places for the house. Anything cheap, a bit weird and Elvis themed.

What do you like about the area?
It's got everything you need! I used to live in Kensal Rise which was really trendy, with loads of cafes, but it felt a bit much...I really like the market here, they have army jackets for like £20!

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

What do you miss when you're travelling?
My king size memory foam mattress. And our cat, Liono! I miss the cat so much. And my boyfriend, obviously.

You must stay in a lot of hotels for work, what are your favourites?
I like the Ace Hotel in New York, they decorate them so well and they feel so cozy. I don't like the big, sterile, modern interiors you get so often-I just like them to feel homely, not too sleek.

Do you like having friends round?
Yes! I'm a bit of a hermit, I love having friends round and having dinner and drinks... I have to go out a lot for work so if it's raining and there's something on the telly, I just want to sit by the fire with my mates!

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