02/12/2014 05:27 GMT | Updated 02/12/2014 05:59 GMT

Wife Creates Zombie Apocalypse (Complete With Nerf Guns) For Husband's Birthday

While most will settle with a gift or a nice meal out, this man's wife decided that the time had come to do things a little differently for her husband's birthday.

For one night only, she transformed their house into the zombie apocalypse, complete with a house full of deadly live zombies and only a couple of Nerf guns for protection.

Of course there was no way he was going to hold off the zombie hordes on his own so naturally his best friend was with him to support and secretly film the entire thing.

Naturally once he'd been overrun by the undead hordes the only sensible thing to do was accept defeat, become one of them and then generally have a massive party. Who says the apocalypse can't be fun.