02/12/2014 06:14 GMT | Updated 03/12/2014 11:59 GMT

Sinclair ZX Spectrum IndieGoGo Campaign Brings Back Retro Console, For Some Reason

UPDATE: Funded!

The best and worst thing about the internet is that anything and everything can be remembered - and, with enough effort, recreated.

In that vein, the Spectrum is coming back.

That's right, the ZX Spectrum -- the 1980s gaming and computing platform whose squeaky tape-loading shrieks ruled the bedrooms of Britain until Amiga and Nintendo came along to ruin gaming by making it fun and accessible -- is back from the dead.

We kid. Sir Clive Sinclair's machine was flawed, but it was also magical, coming at a time of unrivalled invention and progress in games and home computing.

The new machine - the Spectrum ZX Vega - is designed to celebrate that history, and hopefully find a new audience for its greatest moments.

The Vega (£100) uses "a low cost micro-controller and a clever piece of software" to run all 14,000 Spectrum games (there are 'just' 1,000 built-in with), all under license from Sky In-Home Service Ltd, who own the IP.

And it sounds pretty neat. It plugs into a TV, replaces the old keyboard with a friendly gamepad, and every sale will include a donation to the Great Ormond Street Hospital. Also, no loading sounds (we hope).

The Indiegogo Campaign is looking for £100,000 to make the first 1,000 units, while letting early adopters sign up for exclusive benefits like concept art, an invite to the launch party and more.

If you're keen head over to the Indiegogo page and lend your support.