Sony Unveils 'Retro' PS4 Design For 20th Anniversary. Here's How To Get One.

Sony has unveiled a very familiar-looking special edition Playstation 4.

To mark its 20th anniversary as a major player in video games, Sony unveiled his retro PS One-themed version of its latest console.

The PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition is "influenced by the iconic design of the original", from the shade of grey used for the case, controller and even the power cables to the original PS logo on the box.

They've also released a special PS One-themed redesign for the PS4 homepage:

And yes, you might be able to get one.

Playstation said: "Details will be shared on the PlayStation UK channels next week on how you can be in with a chance of getting hold of one of these extremely rare limited edition consoles in time for Christmas. Be sure to stay tuned…."

Take a look at the pictures below.

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