03/12/2014 06:28 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Student Night Out Starts In Newcastle, Ends In Amsterdam


Two university students from Newcastle ended up flying to Amsterdam after a boozy night out.

The escapade began innocently enough, with Newcastle University student Ed persuading his pal Nick to join him for a Saturday night drink in the city centre.

After sinking a few pints together, they started playing a drinking game called Odds. One player makes a suggestion, to which the other player gives 'odds' of one to a randomly chosen number. On the count of three, both players say a number between one and the chosen number - if they say the same one, they have to do the deed.

Unfortunately, when the suggestion of going to Amsterdam came up, both the lads chimed in with "Three!".

In fairness, you've got to admire their commitment. Instead of laughing it off, they headed home at once, packed a bag and booked tickets for the next flight to the Dutch capital, landing early on Sunday morning.

"We were saying to each other, 'don't think about it, don't think about it, just do it'," Nick explained to the Tab student newspaper.

The pair are apparently due to fly home today (December 3) but it has not been an easy few days. After the excitement wore off, Nick and Ed realised the disadvantages of taking a spontaneous trip abroad.

"It's great that we're here but the problem is I've only got 20 quid and I've had to go into my overdraft," a chilly Nick confessed on Monday. "I'd really like to buy a jacket because it's really cold here."

However, he was clearly determined that his lack of finances (and coat) wouldn't stop him making the most of his impromptu city-break. "I'm going on a Tinder date tonight," he said cheerfully. "Hopefully I won't have to pay for any drinks or dinner."

That said, Nick admits that he won't exactly be coming home to a hero's welcome. "My mum wasn't terribly impressed," he said. "She said I was an idiot."

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