Newborn Baby Survives Being Buried Alive

Newborn Baby Survives Being Buried Alive

A newborn baby miraculously survived being buried in the ground for two hours after her parents thought she had died at birth.

Lu Xiaoyun lives with her husband He Yong, their seven-year-old daughter and Lu's mother in Dongdong, northeast China's Liaoning Province.

Lu, who believed she was four months pregnant, was working on the farm when she started experiencing sharp stomach pains.

She immediately called her husband, who rushed back from work to find her in a pool of blood after giving birth to a baby that appeared to have died.

He immediately called an ambulance, and Lu was taken to hospital. As Lu believed she was only four months into her pregnancy, she assumed the baby had not survived, and the couple did not ask the medics to check their daughter.

While Lu was taken to hospital, her mother buried the baby under a tree in the yard.

At the hospital, a doctor asked Lu's husband He about the baby and expressed concerns that she had not been checked.

Suddenly concerned, He raced home, and was told the baby girl had been buried. The frantic dad dug his daughter up and discovered she was still breathing.


He took his daughter straight to the hospital, and doctors discovered Lu had actually given birth at six months, not four.

The premature baby received three days of treatment at the hospital, but the couple then had to discharge her because they couldn't afford further treatment.

"My mother-in-law has chronic diseases, and I also have a seven-year-old daughter. My wife doesn't have a job. I am the only one who works," said He.

After they took their newborn daughter home, news of their story spread and local people began to donate money.

They were then able to return their daughter to hospital where she is being kept in an incubator.