Best Cameras: Six Alternative Cameras You Should Definitely Buy

Buying the best camera in the world is impossible, firstly because the best camera in the world is -- arguably -- above our heads, taking pictures of the known universe.

For those of us down on the surface there are a dizzying array of camera types, from DSLRs to Light Field cameras, and the list goes on and on...

Which is why we broach this question: If you already have a great camera, why not invest in a separate camera that's a little different?

Specialist cameras are becoming more and more popular because they offer us a genuinely different way to picture the world. Whether it's the Lomogrophy Konstruktor which forces you to build it from scratch, or the Polaroid Z300W which puts a digital twist on the instant camera.

They're still able to take great pictures -- but you can be guaranteed that they'll take them in a way that's unlike any other camera out there.

Then you can just take a picture of that picture on your phone. And... upload it to Instagram.

Lomography Konstruktor

Weird Cameras

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