Creative Music Videos That Blew Our Minds In 2014

Creative Music Videos That Blew Our Minds In 2014
Opening scene from 20syl's track Kodama
Opening scene from 20syl's track Kodama
20syl - Kodama

Thoughtfully constructed, carefully directed and elegantly executed, this year's music videos have been a delight for film and music lovers alike.

Featuring everything from cartoons and elaborate collage, to retro graphics and line drawings, they've seemingly been an opportunity for directors let their minds run riot.

No matter how dark, childish or controversial the impulse, creative teams have explored the depths of their imaginations.

Colour has been a key theme.

From JJ's "All White Everything," which uses an absence of colour to develop its storyline, to the technicolour wonder of Heartsrevolution by director Kate Moross, there's been an underlying sense of freedom when it comes to exploring the palette.

Musicians have also been keen to be involved in the creative process, resulting in films that reflect a simpler, more raw emotional experience.

Spectres band member and illustrator Adrian Dutt provided the basis for his band's Sooky Eyeball video. His series of simple line drawings standing out among a sea of heavily-produced pop videos.

Likewise, Australian musician Courtney Barnett worked with illustrator Celeste Potter to create an intimate, personal video for her 2014 release, Anonymous Club.

Meanwhile, other musicians went for fashionable irreverence. Fashion photographer Thom Kerr used typographic animations and sartorial statement to create New Zealand Grammy award-winner Kimbra's music video for 90s Music.

And of course, we couldn't not mention academy award-winning director Michel Gondry's music video for British band Metronomy.

His hand-painted, cartoon-like world is nothing short of brilliant whimsy.

See which other videos caught our fancy this year...

Creative Music Videos That Blew Our Minds In 2014


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