08/12/2014 07:43 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Girl, 4, Reunited With Teddy Bear After She Lost Him On M6


Road workers reunited a four-year-old girl with her precious teddy bear a week after she lost it on the motorway.

Workers from the Highways Agency spent a week looking for 'Old Teddy' when he flew out of the window of Daisy Jewkes' parents' car on the M6 near Cannock, Staffordshire.

Daisy was so distraught her mum Nicola, 36, promised to try and find him when they got back to their home in Brierly Hill, West Midlands.

She emailed the agency and a week later received a reply saying the favourite bear had been found on the central reservation.

Nicola told her local paper: "We really thought that he was gone forever.

"It was the kindest thing of him to get Old Teddy back to Daisy - she couldn't have been happier."

David Smith, a manager for construction company Carillon, had even washed Old Teddy before handing him over on Daisy's fourth birthday.

David said: "I got the email and asked the guys to look out for the teddy and within days we found him in the central reservation.

"He was dirty, but after a wash he was perfect again.

"The look on the girl's face was absolutely fantastic when she got him back. We were delighted to help."

Nicola said Daisy was 'completely overwhelmed' when she was finally reunited with her beloved bear.

She said: "Even after I emailed them and reassured Daisy, I thought there was no way they'd find him.

"I couldn't believe it and neither could Daisy. She was completely overwhelmed.

"Her face lit up when she got the bear back in her hands.

"She has always had him and she takes him everywhere - he's never out of her sight.

"I know she was incredibly lucky!"

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