IKEA Hacks: Our Top 10

IKEA Hacks: Our Top 10

10 years ago, you might have watched DIY SOS to get some interiors inspiration (and have a good old cry when Nick Knowles surprised the poor family that had gone without a kitchen for two years), but now it's all about Pinterest.

Painted Hive/OliverandDust

But we've found something even better than Pinterest. IKEA Hacks. It's the practice of buying cheap but gross household items from the Swedish warehouse aficionados and then using clever tricks to transform them into awesome pieces of furniture.

There are hundreds of hack examples swirling around Pinterest, but we've pulled together our top 10 to give you an immediate interiors hit. The majority are courtesy of our stateside friends - prepare for some dollar signs and excitable vocab – but they could all be done using UK bits and pieces. Enjoy...

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