Space Station Astronaut 'Squirms' At UFO Questions

Astronaut 'Avoids' Questions About UFOs... During Interview In Space

Two years ago, ISS astronaut Joseph Acaba decided to answer some questions live on TV. The show was in Spanish but despite the language barrier UFO enthusiasts have found something within the interview that they find odd.

Acaba was asked about whether he had seen any UFOs and immediately it became clear that the questions either a) made him feel uncomfortable or b) he just didn't fully understand what they were asking.

Now on the one hand it does sort of look fishy, if your eyebrows are raised. It seems like he avoids the questions so blatantly that one has to assume he's either not commenting or he simple doesn't understand.

But we'll be honest, this looks like a classic case of lost in translation. Acaba is clearly struggling to understand the interviewer.

But of course as with all things UFO, this is definite proof that UFOs not only exist but are a government secret.

Astronauts have -- generally -- steered clear of UFOs as a subject despite the fact that the ISS has become the focus of sites such as UFO Sightings Daily.


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