Britain's Favourite Sandwich Revealed: It's Not The BLT

Britain's Favourite Sandwich Is Revealed and It's Not The BLT
Richard Newstead via Getty Images

We thought it was a truth universally acknowledged that the BLT was the nation's favourite sandwich. Apparently, we thought wrong.

We Brits love a good sarnie so much that we bought 3.5 billion of them in the last year alone, with a total spend of £7.5 billion.

A 2013 poll by experts at the British Sandwich Association (yes, it's a thing) found that bacon, lettuce and tomato was Britain's favourite filling but now the BSA has combed the nation's supermarkets to find the UK's most-bought sandwiches, settling the matter once and for all.

9th - Tuna and sweetcorn

Great Britain's Favorite Sandwiches

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