09/12/2014 18:06 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Finding Nemo Sequel: Plot Details Released For New Finding Dory Movie


Finding Nemo fans are going bonkers over new details about the sequel film, Finding Dory.

Pixar has announced Finding Dory will hit cinemas in summer 2016, and the plot of the new movie starring everyone's favourite dippy blue fish has now been revealed.

In the movie, Dory, Merlin and Nemo set off on an epic underwater journey to find Dory's parents and learn about her past.

According to, the film will be set in the Marine Biology Institute of California – an enormous campus where marine life is rehabilitated.

The trip to the institute will see Dory learn she was born and raised in the complex, and only released into the ocean when she was older.

A whole heap of new fishy – in more ways than one – characters are expected to join the gang, including an octopus, sea lion and whale.

The film is set for release in June 2016, with Ellen DeGeneres reprising her role as the voice of Dory.

All together now...just keep swimming!

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