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Seasonal Saviours Your Body Needs Right Now

Normally you wouldn't think twice about going out every night of the week but there are no rules at Christmas. In fact, if you have a free night between now and December 31st, you're doing something wrong (or oh so right).

Bloody mary

Luckily, there are now season-friendly supplements and saviours out there to keep your energy levels topped up, your vitamin intake in overdrive and your head hangover free...

Fruveju LBD Juice Cleanse or the 'yes it does work' pre-party tummy trimmer
Juice cleanses sound extreme and they're not cheap but my, oh my, are they good for getting a flat stomach fast. Of course we're under no illusion it's because you're not eating solids but they are designed to deliver all the nutrients, calories and vitamins your body craves to keep you functioning without feeling like you're missing out or about to keel over at the doors of John Lewis.

The hardest bit is finding three days to turn into a hermit (maybe try 21st- 23rd December when people are heading home for the big C or those odd days between Boxing Day and NYE). Then all you have to do is drink them.

Mapped out into six 500ml juices, Fruveju's are easy peasy tummy pleasers and because they're readymade, the hard work is done for you. Super tasty, (the Spicy Lemonade and Cashew Milk are addictive), after the three days, we'd lost an inch from our waist* which is why, if you can afford the time and money, they're worth it before a big occasion.
*NB it reappeared 48 hours later after a Christmas market binge!
Fruveju LBD Cleanse, £230, Includes all juices, delivery and a free pair of Cocorose London Diffusion Pumps worth £48.


Faust's Potions Recovery Pack or the 'hell of a good' hangover eradicator
Next time you go out, attack your premeditated hangover from both sides – eg before and after your partying. How? By stocking up on these two shot-size potions we're calling 'Christmas Calpol'.

Syrupy and sweet, Faust's Asleep Potion should be downed pre-drinking session or when you get in (put it by your bed to remind you). Blackcurrant in taste, honey helps flush out alcohol from the bloodstream, electrolytes rehydrate and amino acids and antioxidants quash those headache inducing toxins.
Then, in the morning, instead of reaching for your Dr Pepper, knock back the orange-flavoured Awake Potion. Also full of electrolytes and antioxidants, there's added green tea and guarana to keep your tummy ticking over and vitamins B and C to keep your immune system on a high. The potent blend of vitamins will even stop that horrid hangover skin.

We were dubious but after our double-pronged approach and 2.30am bedtime, we were ordering mulled wine 12 hours later at a festive lunch minus any headache.
Faust's Potions Recovery Pack, £5.50,, includes a dose of each.

The Super Elixir or the 'here we go again' body booster
While the body boosting benefits of taking supplements is well documented, the time and effort it takes to pop an arsenal of pills every morning means it's pretty unrealistic too. Ta-dah... meet the does-it-all supplement and talk of the town, The Super Elixir.

A green powder that blends 45 ingredients including iron-rich leafy veg, Chinese herbs that calm and aid digestion and enough vitamins to see you through the entire alphabet, it's also got the welcome addition of milkthistle – that natural hangover helper.

Advised to take in the morning or afternoon, Daisy Lowe, who swears by the stuff for warding off any nasty alcohol after-effects, suggests an afternoon dose is best. Just two teaspoons in water around 3pm when you're having that mid-afternoon slump will pep you up and give you your second wind – perfect for nights out on the trot.
The Super Elixir, £36,


Toxic Twins Dream On Green Tea or the 'gimmicky but great' body detoxifier
Your feet are sore and your ankles are swollen but how do you know it's because of those sexy heels you've been fashioning? Ancient practitioners believe that any toxins in your system gather at the base of your body, which is why you need to drain them out while you doze... hello random foot patches!

Simply whack these onto the soles of your feet before bed and voila – you'll wake up feeling full of beans. Or at least a bit better than you'd expect! Infused with things like bamboo vinegar, eucalyptus and mushroom that detoxify and green tea to counteract any stomach grievances they change colour as the toxins leave your body. As a guide - greyish brown is normal, green or black shows you've been partying hard. Don't be alarmed by the seaweedy stench when you wake up either, that just proves it's worked – just remember to wash your feet thoroughly before you leave the house. You might feel detoxed but you don't want a fishy aroma following you around!
Toxic Twins, from £5.95,

The Best Fibre Food Blend or the 'get everything moving again' miracle worker
With all the eating and drinking that's going on, you'd presume your body would be on a roll in the digestive department but no, it appears bloating and bloackages are rife.

Individually, everything from flaxseeds, linseeds and rice bran to husk, prunes and honey have been known to help but packed diaries demand instant gratification so if you can, invest in this helpful jar of ground down goodness to kickstart your insides.

Containing a little bit of all of the above, it's been described as an 'intestinal broom', clearing, regulating and easing any inflammation and heart burn en route. That's all we needed to know and we've been spooning this fibre-full fix into our probiotic yoghurts ever since. With a hint of vanilla we've even found it helps kerb those sweet and salty cravings you get the morning after. Body bonus in the bag!
Fushi Fibre Food Blend, £15, and Waitrose stores nationwide.


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