Someone Just Invented A Bluetooth Wearable Wristwatch Speaker


Public transport is about to get a whole lot louder thanks to Jambanz, a Bluetooth slapband speaker designed for kids.

Looking like something Will Smith would wear in the' Fresh Prince of Bel Air' the Jambanz apparently ignores current unspoken social regulations which prevent the playing of loud music on public transport or in crowded areas.

This tiny Bluetooth speaker will connect to any Bluetooth audio device whether it's an iPhone, iPod, smartphone or music player.

Worryingly the website doesn't list how long the battery will last but knowing our luck we're going to say it'll be a considerable amount of time.

The worst news is yet to come however, these things cost just $30 on Amazon US which means that before you know it, your peace and quiet will be shattered by the sounds of Taylor Swift and One Direction all playing at the same time.

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