Mum Gives Birth On Plane Moments After Take Off

A mum gave birth on a passenger plane just minutes after it took off.

The Southwest Airlines flight from San Francisco to Phoenix had to make an emergency landing after the woman went into labour while it was in the air.

The flight was diverted to Los Angeles International Airport after the mum-to-be began having contractions at 10,000 feet.

Fortunately, a nurse and a doctor happened to be on board and delivered the child - with the help of a very surprised flight attendant.

There were 111 people aboard the plane at the time.

When the plane landed about an hour after it took off, the new mother and her newborn were met on the runway by Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics who rushed them to the hospital.

Both mother and baby are said to be doing well, according to local news.

Southwest Airlines Flight 623 left San Francisco International Airport about 6.34am on Tuesday, bound for Phoenix Skyharbor International Airport - a flight of about two hours.

Shortly after takeoff, the woman started having contractions.

The pilot immediately diverted the Boeing 737-700 to Los Angeles.

However, before he could land the woman began giving birth. She delivered the baby minutes later with the help of medical professionals who were on board and a flight attendant.

Charlie Reeve, an assistant coach at the University of Texas-San Antonio, tweeted about witnesses the incredible birth.

He wrote: "So...a lady just delivered a baby mid flight to Phoenix. That was a first for me."

A woman who said her mother's friend was working as a flight attendant aboard the plane said: "My mom is flight attendant and a friend of hers just worked a trip today where she helped a passenger delivered a baby at 10,000 feet. WHAT."

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