'The Apprentice' Losing Candidate Sanjay Snood-Smith Bemused By Daniel's Survival - 'Neither Strong, Nor Likeable'

Fired Apprentice candidate Sanjay Snood-Smith says that, if his rival Daniel eventually wins this year’s competition, he will completely lose faith in the entire process.

Sanjay tells HuffPostUK:

He’s bulldozed through. I don’t get it at all. If Daniel wins the process, I’ll have lost all faith in it.

“There’s only so many lives one person can have. You have someone like Solomon who’s not been as strong but likeable, and there’s Mark who’s maybe not likeable but strong… and then there’s Daniel who’s neither strong nor likeable.”

Sanjay was up against Katie and Mark in the boardroom, where he said it became "dog eat dog"

Sanjay was fired this week, along with teammate Katie Bulmer-Cooke, after their group failed to sell a sufficient number of puddings, and Lord Sugar cast a derisory glance over their business proposals for him.

Sanjay thought the whole task was going very well – “we had the best brand in the world” – at least, until he saw the rival team’s pitchboard in the boardroom. It was then as losing Tenacity’s team manager that he knew he was in trouble – “it was too good.”

Sanjay can't believe Daniel is still in the competition - "neither strong nor likeable"

With losing manager Sanjay back in the boardroom alongside Katie and Mark, he knew he was vulnerable, particularly as it got more and more heated between him and the Aussie powerhouse.

“It was dog eat dog in there,” he chuckles now.

“Mark and I get on really well, I wish him luck. I gave him a hug afterwards.

“But in that boardroom, you just go for it, you don’t want to look back and think you didn’t give it everything you had, so it’s bound to get a bit heated, as everyone’s so desperate.”

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