11/12/2014 07:10 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

4D Scan Shows Baby's Heart-Shaped Head


A baby sent his mum and dad a message of love before he was born via a 4D photo of his heart shaped head.

The amazing 4D scan was taken when Beverley Winter was just 16 weeks pregnant with her son Logan.

At first, she was worried her baby would be born with an odd shaped head.

But little Logan was perfect when he arrived and the 'heart' warming image now takes pride of place in her photo album!

It's thought that the heart shape was due to the angle the scan was taken at, and possibly fluid covering part of Logan's head.

Beverley told the Manchester Evening News: "I looked at my fiancé Ben and we both asked if it was going to stay like that.

"We had the scan done to see what sex the baby was.

"A heart shaped head is not something you see everyday, it was actually my mum who spotted it first. But I love it.

"It is so amazing and makes him so unique, he is Britain's most loved baby.

"The scanners said it was because the head hadn't developed properly. I was just relieved he was a healthy baby."

The distinctive shape had disappeared by the time Logan was born in September.

Beverley, who had suffered a miscarriage the previous year, said: "The heart shaped head thing is very fitting as we wanted him so much.

"After our miscarriage I was so frightened of losing Logan.

"We had been trying for a baby for so long."


Beverley and Ben Logan, both 20, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, did have a tense few days when Logan was born with an infection.

But after a week in hospital he was allowed home.

Beverley said: "We have put all the scans and photos in a book for him when he is older.

"He is really good now, and is a smiling, healthy baby boy."

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