11/12/2014 13:00 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Affordable Designer Handbags: The Latest 'It' Bags

Buying a new handbag that is classic, practical, stylish, affordable and goes with almost everything in your wardrobe is no mean feat.

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We like designer labels, sure, but the savviest shoppers amongst us also want a bag that comes with a realistic price tag. (So not what we pay on gin, Tampax and rent in a month).


The demand for affordable designer bags is huge right now, and while 'The Victoria' tote (£1,995) by Victoria Beckham is really beautiful (in that white minimal-chic way) there's one designer who has completely taken over the accessories scene - Michael Kors.

Everyone is carrying his signature tote with the gold MK logo key fob - and we mean everyone. The brand's stats in total revenue for 2014 saw a 51.8Slideshow-246545%

We caught up with Sophie Hedley, head of communications at to find out which bags are selling well and why this season.

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"We have certainly seen an uplift in sales for handbags, but it seems that the really savvy shopper will shop around (surfing the net for comparisons as well as checking out the high street) for the most competitive prices on high ticket items such as bags," Hedley told us.

"The biggest success has been with Michael by Michael Kors shoppers which we have now sold out of! Also, Marc by Marc Jacobs is another well priced label (the rucksacks are good value) and the clutches from 3.1 Phillip Lim sell well too."

So what is it about the MMK arm candy that send us into shopping frenzy?

"It's the MMK ones that seem to have universal appeal and I think that's very much a price point, the same can be said for Marc by Marc Jacobs too - it's a designer brand at an affordable price and quite practical in terms of style and shape," says Hedley.

Affordable designer and high-end high street (Radley, Whistles, Alexander Wang x H&M, Reiss, Ted Baker) handbags are the latest big thing and we're completely sold.