Comfyballs Underwear Rejected From US Due To 'Vulgar' Name

A Norwegian underwear brand called Comfyballs has been banned from selling in the US because the name is, quite frankly, a bit pants.

The company, established in 2013, applied to release its men's boxers to the American market this year, however the patent office in the US refused to trademark the name because it was "vulgar".

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) banned the company from operating under the name Comfyballs because “Comfyballs means only one thing - that a man’s testicles or ‘balls’ will be comfortable in the applicant’s undergarments.

"When used in this way, the word ‘balls’ has an offensive meaning.”

Admittedly with the youth of today and their 'hip n trendy' way of wearing their trousers halfway down their backside, we can see why someone wouldn't want that particular slogan paraded around the streets.

But equally it's not offensive enough to ban it, surely?

Despite the set back, Comfyballs are operating in New Zealand and the UK.

Founder of the brand, Anders Selvig is calling for the guidelines to be reviewed. “The trademarks ‘Nice Balls’ and ‘I love my balls’ have recently both been approved by the USPTO," he told the Telegraph.

"Luckily, Europeans have a softer view on what is deemed to be vulgar and the EU allowed Comfyballs to trademark without hassle earlier this year.”

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