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Embarrassing Dad Compliments Daughter's Breasts On Facebook

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A well-meaning dad who was trying to be supportive about his daughter's body image issues on Facebook ended up being branded a 'creep'.

The father – no doubt ignorant about the potential for social media to misconstrue – made an off-the-cuff compliment about his daughter's breasts in an attempt to make her feel better about herself after she'd posted a rant about the 'fat' on her body.

But the dad soon found out that parents should never go anywhere near Facebook where their children are concerned.

According to Closer, the dad found himself lambasted after his teenage daughter wrote a furious email about her body to no-one in particular, but presumably for the attention of a boy she'd fallen out with.

She wrote (all in capital letters): "What do boys even find attractive about boobs?

"They are literally a ball of fat on a girl's chest.

"If you can love me for the fat on my chest, why can't you love me for the fat on my stomach, you piece of s**t?"

The rules of being Facebook friends with your teenage kids dictate you must keep schtum online at all times - a like might pass, but definitely no commenting allowed

After reading about his daughter's hurt, this loving dad would have been wiser to take her to one side and reassure her that she was both gorgeous and normal.

But, oh no, this particular father couldn't help but get involved, and commented underneath: "Well, your daddy still loves you, no matter if you're fat or not."

And if that wasn't cringey enough, he added: "And by the way, your boobs are great."

You can almost hear his daughter thinking: "OMG. Kill. Me. Now."

But rather than being seen as simply a monstrous example of Embarrassing Dad syndrome, Facebook commenters slammed his comment as extremely inappropriate. And others even suggested there was a sinister undertone to the post.

One person wrote: "BTW - your dad is a creep."

We're not sure about that, but we are certain he needs to stay away from his daughter's social media for the foreseeable future!

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