Somerset House Beard Exhibition Isn't Just About Hipsters In Skinny Jeans

While you may have had your fill of hairy hipsters in skinny jeans, here's a new art expo that breathes new life into the topiary preference.

Somerset House will feature original portraits of various famous bearded faces, from John Hurt to that bloke who models for ASOS in spring 2015, appealing to the pogonophile in all of us.

But it's not just Brian Blessed and a few fishermen. Photographer Brock Elbank also focused his lens on figures such as Harnaam Kaur, a bearded lady who has been growing facial hair since she was a teenager.

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Somerset House Beard Exhibition

Elbank told The Guardian: "It's just interesting people, a real cross-section of society that will be brought together in this show."

"We even went down to the British Beard and Moustache Championships and we shot a guy called Edwin Ven who had terminal cancer. He was only 51 and he actually passed away six days after I took that portrait," he added.

The show will feature over 80 photos, exploring the art of grooming and celebrating the endurance of the bearded trend across the world.