Win A Frank's RedHot Sauce Goody Bag, Including An iPod Nano And Skullcandy Headphones

What comes from the States, is redder that Santa’s suit and sells a bottle per minute?

HuffPost UK Students has partnered with Frank’s RedHot Sauce to help cure your holiday blues by giving away a Frank’s-style stocking full of all those things you’ll need to take a load off this Christmas.

Tired of being asked what grades you ended up with this term? Want to tune out the sounds of your nieces and nephews fighting over their newest toys? Can’t sleep with Uncle Ollie’s incessant sherry-induced snoring? Not to fear, Frank’s is here.

We’re giving away one lucky winner an Apple 16GB red iPod nano and matching Skullcandy headphones courtesy of Frank’s.

You’ve worked hard this year, you deserve it.

Your Franksmas stocking will come with an assortment of Frank’s Hot Sauces of course, so impress your Mum and whip up some American-style nosh for the lot. Frank’s was the main ingredient in the first ever Buffalo Wing in New York, so you can trust it’s pretty sh*t hot. Not feeling too peckish? Need a cocktail? We hear you. Put some Frank’s Original in your morning-after Bloody Mary for a nice way to wake up.

Good luck, ya filthy animals.