12/12/2014 12:40 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

'Barbie Back': The Next Big Trend In Cosmetic Surgery?

2014 saw the rise of "Cinderella Surgery" (a cosmetic procedure to shorten or lengthen toes, shave off excess bone and remove excess fat from feet). 2015's plastic surgery trend? It's even more alarming.

mid section of fashion doll body

According to London-based plastic surgeon Dr Mike Comins, the "Barbie Back" is the next big thing and yes, it means going under the knife.

Instead of transforming their feet to fit into designer shoes, it seems some women now want a perfectly sculpted back, preferably with dimples above the bottom, just like Barbie.

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Sounds absurd? Dr Comins explained his back treatment theory to the Telegraph.

"Globally, aesthetic surgery of the buttocks is one of the fastest growing segments of plastic surgery, but in clinic once you begin to look at this area you find that the back is equally important, and one fails to look good without the other."


In anticipation of this trend, Dr Comins has developed his own "Dimples En V" treatment. The Telegraph reports it's a "walk in, walk out" procedure which uses ultrasound to achieve the perfect v-shape in the lower back. Oh, and it also means love handles are long gone.

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The cost? Er, £2,000.

Ridiculous price tag and worrying body confidence issues aside, the thing we find most baffling? Unless you're pulling a Kim Kardashian and taking 'belfie', who's going to see your lower back anyway?

It's amazing what people are willing to pay for "perfection."

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