Spiders, Snakes And Other Horrifying Creatures You Can Expect To Find Living In Your Shoe In Australia

This Is Why Australians Always Check Their Shoes Before Putting Them On

We couldn't think of anything worse than finding a deadly-looking spider (or snake, for that matter) in your shoe.

A thread on Reddit entitled "This is why we check our shoes in Australia" shows the gruesome reality that is the creepy crawly and wildlife population in Oz.

Compared to the common house spider, which is pretty horrendous in itself, we can't imagine how horrifying it must be to spot one of these bad boys in your footwear...

NB: If you don't enjoy the sight of spiders and snakes (who does in all fairness?) then you might want to look away now...

And, unfortunately this spider (see below) is alive and well in the UK...

False Widow Spider Bite

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