'The Future Starts Here' Season Two, Episode Eight: 'Future Of Our Species', Watch It Now!

It's already widely accepted that Leonardo da Vinci was something of a genius. What if, however, it turned out that he was something more, a beacon of human potential that even now we're simply not capable of.

In episode eight of her groundbreaking web show The Future Starts Here', acclaimed filmmaker and creator of the Webby Awards, Tiffany Shlain takes the deeply personal journey of looking at the final book her father wrote before he died and the implications it could have on our view of the future.

The book suggests that da Vinci was much more than just a revolutionary and a genius, he was a scientific 'blip' on the process of human evolution.

His ability to switch between modes of thinking spanning across art and science meant that he was able to formulate ideas without barriers.

This way of approaching ideas ultimately led to creations that were way beyond his time.

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