12/12/2014 16:42 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

School Took Pupils Shoe Shopping After They Breached Uniform Rules

A pair of boys worn velcro fasten black school shoes on a white background
Teachers took a mini-bus full of schoolchildren to a shoe shop because the kids turned up wearing the wrong school shoes.

The staff took 11 pupils shoe shopping after they breached school uniform rules at The BBG Academy in Birkenshaw, West Yorkshire – and then sent their parents the bill!

Now mums and dads have reacted with fury after being asked to fork out nearly £20 for the new shoes.

One mum, who has children in years 7 and 9, told the local paper: "I thought it was a joke until I received a call saying they would take my son for some new shoes and I could pay later.

"The lady I spoke to at the school seemed quite excited at the fact they were getting 10 per cent discount because they had bought so many pairs."

Another parent said: "The school ran a minibus to Wynsor's World of Shoes last week. If children don't have have their top button done up, they get put in isolation."

The school said 11 pupils were taken in a staff car on three separate days and insisted it was doing so to support pupils so they could follow school rules.

Uniform guidelines on the school's website say boys and girls must wear 'plain black shoes and that trainers, pumps and canvas shoes are 'not acceptable'.

A spokeswoman for the school said: "The school provided support for a small number of pupils to enable them to follow the uniform policy."

The move is part of the school's new positive discipline plan, brought in to tackle bad behaviour highlighted in an Ofsted report on the school. The spokeswoman said: "Our new Positive Discipline policy has had a significant impact on behaviour in lessons and around school creating a calm and positive learning environment.

"The vast majority of pupils and parents have been extremely supportive during this transitional period."

Lorna Graham, 32, a supervisor at Wynsors World of Shoes said the shop runs a scheme where they provide approved shoes for schools. The shoes both cost £18 - girls 'Aaliyah' black leather shoes £18,and boys 'RS Pearce' black leather shoes £18.

She said: "The teacher comes with a group of about three children twice a day, sometimes even three times.

"In total I've seen about 15 kids come in for shoes last week, but I've been off this week and I've heard there might have been more.

"The kids were well-behaved and just looked around at the different shoes, but they all were made to buy the same ones."

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