12 Things We Learned About Sex This Year Including: Not Using A Potato As Contraception

Michael Cogliantry via Getty Images

Here at the Lifestyle desk, we publish a LOT of sex stories. So much so, in fact that we're bonafide experts.

We could tell you the biggest (or in some ways smallest) thing men worry about. We could tell you the excuses women give when they aren't up for sex. Heck, we could even tell you how to get more sex.

But rather than have us preach at you, we'll allow the internet to dispense a little sex ed.

Over the year, we have gasped, squeaked and thumped our palm on our foreheads at some of the methods people have used, various sexual preferences and the sticky situations they have found themselves in (not the good kind).

But through all the ineptitude, there are lessons to be learned.

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