15/12/2014 16:55 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dad Calls Baby Daughter 12th


A dad's devotion to his American football team has lumbered his daughter with a name she will have to explain for the rest of her life. Her surname is Mann. The name her dad has given her is...12th. Fortunately, though, it is just the second of her two middle names. So the girl's full name is Cyndee Leigh 12th Mann.

'Why?' you ask (indeed, what we're all asking). Well, it seems Cydnee's dad is a devoted follower of the Super Bowl-bound Seattle Seahawks – a team famed for having the noisiest supporters in the NFL. So noisy, in fact, that they are given the nickname 'The 12th Man'.

The unusual name was revealed on the Twitter feed of the local news station King5Seattle as it reported on the big showdown between the Seahawks and the Denver Broncos in Sunday night's big game.