Parents Write To Airline Passengers Apologising In Advance For Noisy Baby

A considerate couple gave a gift basket and a note of apology to airline passengers warning them that their baby girl might disturb their flight.

The parents were taking their one-year-old on a plane for the first time and so decided to win over fellow travellers rather than risk raised eyebrows and admonishing tuts if their daughter made a racket on board – as small children are inclined to do.

So the mum and dad wrote out a polite note on behalf of baby Madeline, explaining why she might be making a lot of noise.

And they also provided their fellow passengers with ear plugs and sweet treats to help make the experience a bit more relaxing for everyone.

The note, which was shared on Reddit by an impressed passenger, read:

"Hi Stranger!

"My name is Madeline. I will be 1 on December 17th and this is my first flight. I'll try to be on my best behaviour, but I'd like to apologise in advance if I lose my cool, get scared or my ears hurt.

"My mom and dad packed you this goodies bag with a few treats. There are also earplugs in case my first public serenade isn't as enjoyable to you as it is my mom and dad.

"Have a great flight!"

What a fantastically thoughtful gesture!

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