16/12/2014 14:08 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Freezing Your Tights Will Make Them Last Longer

We love a good fashion hack, especially those that actually work, so if freezing tights makes them last all winter long then we're doing it.

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Laddered tights are the bane of every woman's life this time of year, so here are the need-to-knows on making them durable. Think of the money you'll save not buying a new pair every week.


All you need to do is gently wet your new tights (10 denier ones, sparkly Christmassy patterned ones, thick woolly ones, sexy seamed ones) by running them under the tap, squeeze them dry and freeze them.

Weird, but it works and you only have to do it once.

After you've dampened them simply wrap the tights in a plastic bag, squeeze them in between the frozen peas and the emergency bottle of vodka in your freezer drawer overnight and then let them dry out before wearing. Note: no tumble-drying necessary.

There you have it - a quick DIY style hack to avoid ladders and catches. Because let's face it, the clear nail polish thing never works.

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Ultra sheer tights are more prone to snagging (especially if you've got nails) so we'd suggest going for at least a 40+ denier and always, always stick to basic colours (black, navy, brown, grey) because that glossy skin-tone shade is just way too showgirl.

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