Lauren Goodger Dresses As Victoria's Secret Angel, Says She 'Loves Her Big Bum' But Won't Give Up Selfies Or Alcohol In 2015

As if we didn’t need any more reasons to love Lauren Goodger, she’s now dressed up as a Victoria’s Secret angel to prove she can do it just as well as the likes of Adriana Lima and Karlie Kloss.


The Goodge strips off to a pair of giant angel wings and, well, not much else, to be honest, in a brand new photo-shoot for new! magazine, where she looks as though she's exuding confidence.

Speaking to the magazine, Lauren admits: “I love my big bum and I want it to be bigger. When I did ‘Dancing On Ice’ it was rock solid, but now I’ve stopped it’s got softer again.”

Lauren appears as a Victoria's Secret angel on the cover of new!

However, despite the fact she appears to be loving life as a Victoria’s Secret angel, Lauren reveals that the photo-shoot didn’t exactly fall at an ideal time, confessing: “I’m not at my best… I’m due on my period so it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

“I was going to the gym [to prepare for the shoot] quite a lot this week, but then I fell ill and I’ve just been so busy. Last night I went to an event and had a few drinks, and I was like ‘I’m not going to eat this week!’ But I did. If I had more time I’d prepare more and diet for a week or so.”

The former 'TOWIE' cast member goes on to discuss her plans for the new year, admitting she’d like to lose weight in 2015, joking: “I’ve been saying that for 10 f***ing years.”

That said, it sounds like she’s got no plans to give up the ol’ rosé, claiming: “[Giving up alcohol] would be boring. I’m just like any other normal girl. I’m not old yet and, hopefully, once I have children, that’s when I’ll be over all that.

“But at the minute I love getting ready, getting done up, taking a selfie and getting drunk.”

I make a mess when I get ready 😘

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And speaking of selfies - which The Goodge has taken her fair share of in 2014 - they’re another habit she won’t be giving up as a New Year’s Resolution, saying: “Why? Is it illegal? Is it going to harm me? It’s light-hearted fun. Giving up selfies? That’s just ridiculous.”


Read Lauren’s full interview in the latest issue of new! magazine, on sale now.

Lauren Goodger: The Only Way Is Selfies