Boxer Anthony Crolla In Hospital After Burglar Attack

Boxer Anthony Crolla is recovering in hospital after being attacked by burglars armed with a concrete slab.

The Lightweight fighter sustained a possible fractured skull and a broken right foot whilst defending his neighbour's property from burglars.

His trainer, Joe Gallagher, described how after apprehending one burglar and the other "lifted a slab of concrete and hit him with it, and he fell and broke his ankle."

Crolla after winning the WBO inter-continental title earlier this year

Gallagher reported Crolla is "heartbroken" because his fight in January for the lightweight World title has had to be cancelled.

Crolla had said about the forthcoming fight: "To have the world title shot in Manchester is a huge factor. Without wanting to sound cheesy, it doesn't get any bigger than that."

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