17/12/2014 08:11 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dad's Amazing Artwork Makes Kids' Packed Lunches A Feast For The Eyes


Bored of making packed lunches for your kids? Perhaps these will inspire you. If you think a children's sarnie is a mundane exercise in slapping a filling your child might actually eat betwen two slices of bread, take a look at the magnificent work of super dad David Laferriere.

Every day, he adds a personal touch to his teenagers' sandwich packs by adding a hand-drawn picture.

OK, they're not quite Sistine Chapel standard, but they're certainly enough to make what's inside doubly appetising.

David, from Massachusetts, started drawing the pictures and documenting his project on Flickr in May of 2008. His work was recently featured on Flickr's blog.

The illustrator and graphic designer told The Huffington Post that monsters, robots, birds and worms are among his favourite subjects for his sons, aged 13 and 15.

He said: "The inspiration for the bags comes from whatever may be happening at the time.

"Could be something we did as a family, a holiday or a day like Ground Hog's Day. The weather sneaks in from time to time."

He said sometimes the sandwich itself provides inspiration because 'those bubbles in the bread can be like finding shapes in the clouds'.

Now the big question is at the age of 15 and 13 are his sons actually a teeny bit embarrassed by their dad's devotion?