17/12/2014 11:36 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

How To Beat A Hangover The 2015 Way

2014 will forever be remembered as the year we all went crazy for personal wellness. From eating 'clean' to #fitnotthin workouts, putting our bodies first suddenly became the new cool.

This inevitably means that navigating our way through New Year's Day – and the traditional festive flu that usually hits in early January – is now a completely different concept.

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Forget the fry-ups, energy drinks and McNuggets. This list contains the best way to feel super healthy this New Year, and beyond...


1. Liven up with live cultures
For the fizzy-drink aficionados among us, there's nothing better for a tongue that feels like it's been licking carpet all night than a refreshing spritzer. But forget the usual pop, and take a leaf out of star nutritionist and wellness guru Madeleine Shaw's book by trying Love Kombucha. It's made by adding a living culture of bacteria and yeast to sweetened organic green tea, which actually consumes the tea and unrefined sugar and is then removed itself to leave a drink full of beneficial acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes. It naturally hydrates the body, aids digestion and helps restore the good bacteria that the gin and tonics wiped out the night before.


2. The ultimate body boost
A favourite of the Miami elite and burnt-out Vegas ballers, REVIV has just come to the UK. Their IV wellness treatments, administered in plush clinics that feel a lot more ESPA than Holby City, deliver hydration, vitamins and anti-oxidants directly into the blood stream, so your body feels 100 when taken orally. Ideally, the IVs should be used as a preventative treatment to maintain body function, but the Ultraviv recovery infusion is perfect for clearing the worst hangover. And don't worry about it being an 'invasive' treatment – we played guinea pig and it's easier (and less painful) than having your ears pierced!

Dr. Alkaitis

3. Hair of the dog herbs
Experts are expecting our new love of clean eating to be matched by a desire for clean beauty in 2015, as organic herb and food-based products are the fastest-growing sector of personal products. More and more of us are living by the rule 'if you can't eat it or spell it, don't put it on your skin', so why not help out your tired eyes and tight skin by using Dr Alkaitis Organic Universal Mask while you're comatose on the sofa?


4. Embrace your comfort food craving
This discovery is going to blow your tiny mind. You can eat pudding for breakfast and still maintain your 2015 hangover halo – and it's all down to Livia's Crumble. They make superfood sweet crumbles, free from wheat, dairy and refined sugars, that hit the spot far more respectably than an Auntie Bessie's apple pie with evaporated milk. (Just us? Oh.) If sweet isn't your thing, go for simple scrambled eggs, sans the bacon, sausages, hash browns and HP. Eggs are a good source of cysteine, an amino acid that's been proven to break down acetaldehyde, a hangover toxin that makes you feel so foggy and crap.

Raw & Juicy

5. All hail the liquid after-party
Where you might have once spent the day downing Alka-Seltzer, switching to glasses of the good stuff is key to getting back on form asap. Raw & Juicy, the UK's original alkaline food and juice delivery company, has created a one-day detox just for hangovers. Their 1-day Post Party Pick Me Up contains four juices packed with fruit and veg to help rebalance and alkalise your body, a fifth bottle of vegan protein drink to boost energy and loads of detoxing extras, including activated charcoal which binds with toxins and helps the body filter them out faster.


6. Sweat to the good stuff
This one is fairly dependent on the intensity of your hangover or illness, i.e. if getting to the bathroom feels like climbing the Shard, best opt for another remedy on our list. But if you've successfully passed that stage of hell, exercise is one of the best things you could do for your body. Sweating helps rid the body of those booze toxins so the more the better. We'd recommend not killing yourself with a HIIT workout (save that for tomorrow) but a weight-training session is perfect for raising the heart rate while limiting the risk of regurgitation. Try this 15-minute workout from super trainer Tracy Anderson, which looks easy, but if you do the reps she suggests it'll get you sweating for sure.

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