17/12/2014 06:39 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

How To Do Make Up Contouring: The World's Most Searched For Beauty Lesson

Double Dare: The Art of Contouring

Call it the Kim Kardashian effect, but make up contouring has become the beauty secret everyone wants to know about. In fact, Google reports it was the second highest 'how to' search term of 2014 (it was beaten by 'how to airdrop') making it the most searched for beauty tip of the year.

So, want to know how to highlight your cheekbones and even out your complexion without looking too "made up"? Here's what you need to know about contouring the natural way, so you don't have to Google it anymore.


1. Find the right products. Apply your foundation and concealer as usual before adding a matte taupe powder and highlighting blush or bronzer. You'll also need two good brushes. (Make up artist James Vincent suggests using a fan brush with a smaller, delicate brush in the video above.)
2. It's not just about slimming down the face - it's also important to think about about playing up your features.
3. Brush your taupe veil up across the cheekbones to enhance that natural shape. Then go in with a smaller brush and give a little life to the cheekbones.
4. Apply a soft blush stick (try Nars' The Multiple) and sculpt the high points of your cheeks with your fingers. This will soften down lines and give you a natural look.
5. Finish by using your fan brush to apply the powder underneath the chin, then add depth to areas above the eye and below the nose with your smaller brush.

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