Nintendo's Next Handheld Console Could Be Shaped Like A Donut

Nintendo's next handheld games console could be shaped like a donut.

No it's not April and no we're not joking. According to a report in the Japan Times Nintendo has signed a deal with Sharp that will allow the company to use its revolutionary Free-Form displays that can be designed into any shape.

By moving the circuitry on the display, Sharp has created a screen that can be fashioned into any shape whether it's a circle or a triangle.

According to the report Nintendo will look to use the display technology to create a donut-shaped gadget with the screen on top.

Whether it'll be a handheld games console or the much-reported sleep tracker that Nintendo is reportedly working on remains to be seen.

Sharp has been working on this technology for some time now and was finally able to place it in a consumer product via the bezel-less Aquos Crystal smartphone.